The South Florida Theatre League provides professional development and creative workshops for both its organizational members and its individual members. Workshops are announced in our weekly updates to members, on our social media page, and on the front page of our website.

Our workshops for organizations cover a variety of topics, with practical applications for theatre administrators. We’ve had workshops led by Christina Alexander of Alexander Christie, Hope Chavez and Corinne Woods of the Alliance of Resident Theatres in New York, Teresa Eyring of the Theatre Communications Group, William Fernandez of the Broadway Factor, John McEwen of The New Jersey Theatre Alliance, Nicole Perry of Momentum Stage, and Beth Prevor of Hands On.

Previous workshop topics have included:

– Accessibility Planning
– Critics Forum
– Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Artistic Directors and Board Members
– Grant Writing
– Marketing to Diverse Audiences
– Power Dynamics in the Rehearsal Room
– Strategic and Succession Planning
– Sustainable Growth for Small Organizations

We also have the AntiRacism Theatre Strategies Cohort, which is a six-month program, led by Christina Alexander and Katie Christie. The program is designed to be taken by artistic directors and board chairs, where they will engage in a process of skill-building, alliance-building, issue framing, messaging, systems analysis, coaching, and solutions cultivation. It includes monthly workshops, coaching calls, and homework to help theatre companies become actively antiracist. If your company is interested in joining the next cohort, please contact Andie Arthur. Your organization must be a current member of the League to participate. The League pays for half of every organization’s tuition in the program.

Our workshops for individuals cover both business and artistic skills. Previous workshops have been led by Caryl Fantel, the Creatively Independent Ensemble, the House Theatre of Chicago, the Institute for Financial Wellness in the Arts, Michael Leeds, Nicole Perry, and Susan Troy.

Previous Workshop Topics have included:

  • Audition Preparation
  • Copyright for Artists
  • Consent for Performers
  • Devised Theatre
  • Financial Health and Planning
  • Sight Singing