Remy Awards

Photos from the 2019 Remy Awards

Nominations are open for the 2023 Remy Awards. Please email Andie Arthur at with the name and a brief paragraph on why you’re nominating them. Nominations are due on Monday August 28, 2023.

The Remy Awards are named for Rem Cabrera, the former Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs’ Senior Cultural Administrator and Chief of Cultural Development.

For his work in helping to create the South Florida Theatre League, through his generous support and funding, he was presented with the first Remy Award.

These awards, named in his honor, are given annually for outstanding service, and for pioneering, in South Florida regional theatre.

The “Service Award” is bestowed upon those distinguished individuals who have rendered truly noteworthy and extraordinary service in the past year, recognizing their invaluable and outstanding contributions made through their time, talent and expertise by taking the initiative and actively participating and contributing to the growth and development of the Theatre League.

Since 1994, past recipients include Christina Alexander, Nancy Barnett, William Bearder, Sue Ellen Beryl and William Hayes, Rem Cabrera, Katie Christie, R. Kent Chambers-Wilson, Tim Davis, Rafael De Acha, Christine Dolen,  Janet Erlick, Caryl Fantel, Tony Finstrom, Florida Theater On Stage, Yolandi Hughes, Madeline Kern, Meredith Lasher, Michael Leeds, Ron Levitt, Dolores Miller, Margot Moreland, Marjorie O’Neill-Butler, Michael Peyton, Andy Rogow, Jennifer Sierra-Grobbelaar, Barry Steinman, Bob Strickland, Mark Traverso and Conor Walton, South Florida Theartre Scene, Tara Vodihn Reid and Susan Westfall.

The “Pioneer Award” is bestowed upon those distinguished individuals who have, over the years, taken the lead and contributed substantially to the health, growth and development of the South Florida theatre community.

Since 1994, recipients include Iris Acker, Joseph Adler, Edward Allen and Mimi Schultz, Antonio Amadeo, Ann Kelly Anthony, David Arisco, Beth Boone, Ellen Davis, Ilse Earl, Tony Finstrom, Michael Hall, Jay Harris, Bill Hindman, Richard Janaro, J. Barry Lewis, Amy London, Sherron Long, Robert Lowery, Ricky Martinez, Jan McArt, Michael McKeever, Adriana Perez, Eileen Suarez, Matt Stabile, Paul Tei, Ellis Tillman, Louis Tyrell and the South Florida Entertainment Writers Association.

In 2013, in honor of the South Florida Theatre League’s 20th Anniversary, the board of the League voted to expand the awards to honor those who are ignored by more traditional awards by adding four additional categories: Outstanding Board Member, Outstanding Contribution to Children’s Theatre, Outstanding Contribution to Community Theatre, and Outstanding Behind the Scenes Contribution.

Recipients of the Outstanding Board Member include Alan Fein, Gustavo Membiela, Rick Katz, Helene Lindenfeld, Clara Lyzniak, David Scharlin, David Schrader, and Steven M. Weinger.

Recipients of the Outstanding Contribution to Children’s Theatre include Christine Barclay, Sean Cutler, Larry Fields, Rosalie Grant, The Members of the Miami Children’s Museum Theater Troupe (Bree-Anna Obst, Diana Garle, Robert Fritz, Peter Kisiluk, Travon Pierr e, Seth Trucks, and Krystal Millie Valdes, Jeannette Martos, Darius J. Manuel, and John and Maria Rodaz.

Recipients of the Outstanding Contribution to Community Theatre include Michael and Lillian Andron, Dana L. Frederbaugh, Christopher Harrington, Fern Katz, Jodie Dixon-Mears, Alvin Entin, Dennis Lyzniak, and Judson Wright.

Recipients of the Outstanding Behind the Scenes Contributions include Kenya Anthony-Moore, Tim Bennett, Rachel Chin, James Danford, Jeff Ostrow, Carlos Rodriguez, George Schiavone, and Gene Seyffer.

In 2014, the Remy Awards expanded again to add two new categories – one recognizing Civic Arts Leaders and one in honor of Jay Harris, a beloved supporter of the Theatre Community who passed away in the Summer of 2014.

Recipients of the Civic Arts Leadership Award include ArtBurst Miami, Lois Frankel, Dan Gelber, Eileen Higgins, Jody Horne-Leshinsky, and Marialaura Leslie.

Recipients of the Jay Harris Arts Leadership Award include Laura Bruney,  Harvey Burstein, Scott Roberts, John Rodaz,Kathy and Joe Savarese, Michael Spring, and Steven M. Weinger.