The South Florida Theatre League is pleased to announce that the South Florida Theatre League Relief Fund has raised over $12,000 and is in the process of giving out the first $10,000 to artists in need

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May 19, 2020:

MIAMI, FL: On March 25, the South Florida Theatre League announced the South Florida Theatre League Relief Fund to help theatre companies provide compensation to artists and other contractors that had to be laid off due to the cancellation of shows and events due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In under two months, the League has raised over $12,000 and is currently in the process of distributing the first $10,000 to artists and contractors laid off from productions scheduled to happen in March and April of 2020. In the first round of funding, the South Florida Theatre League collaborated with ten theatre companies to distribute $10,000 into small stipends to the workers they had to lay off. While no stipend can replace a steady income, the funds help artists buy groceries, pay bills, and make it to the next month.

“One recipient told me that it was the first income she’s had had since March,” said Andie Arthur, executive director of the South Florida Theatre League.

The Relief Fund helps theatre companies pay independent contractors. Most small business assistance programs focus exclusively on employees, but in the performing arts, many of our workers are independent contractors who have fallen through the cracks.

Most of the funds raised are from small donations, ranging from $25 to $100. The League is still raising money as we already have applications from theatre companies to help their artists and contractors for productions that were cancelled or postponed in May and June. As the situation evolves, the application process will be evaluated and adjusted.

Here is a direct link to donate to the South Florida Theatre League Relief Fund. Donations can be made via OvationTix or PayPal.