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Sick Puppies Not-Working Networking Luncheon Thing @ Center Stage Performing Arts
Apr 7 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Let’s be honest.  Networking meetings can get repetitive and boring, right?  Well, we think so too.  That’s why Sick Puppies Comedy will begin hosting the Not-Working Networking Show Event Luncheon Thing; an hour long Networking meeting that is open to anyone and everyone (INCLUSIVE – AAWWWWWWW) with a show in the middle and some lunch (Don’t get excited, it’s probably sandwiches, okay?)

Here’s the set up:

10-15 Minute Mingle (grab a plate to eat)

30 minute show

10-15 minute mingle (take home left overs or bring the rest to your staff)

A SHOW?!!?!?!?!?!?

Yeah, there’s a show.  We provide some entertainment, but our special guests are always YOU!  That’s right!  We’ll have 3 different businesses showcased in our show much like a Talk Show… and we’ll work together ahead of time to get your message accross without losing the interest of your audience!  For this very first show, we’ll be making the three guest spaces FREE!  Yes! FREE!  Over time, we’ll eventually charge a premium for you to showcase your business and to be in the show.  

Cost is $12 per person.  WHY $12?  Great question.  We provide lunch (pizza or sandwiches) and water/soda and we have to pay the theater to be there.  Our hope is that we fill up the 100 spots available in the theater and make it such a fun event, that people are begging to get a spot on stage to showcase their business.

Just register a spot.  The theater is small.  


Why is this this an “all inclusive” networking group?  Great question.  If you are in need of promoting yourself or your business, we want you here.  If it just so happens that you represent the same industry as other individuals, that’s okay.  This isn’t a competition.  This is about meeting people.  This is about earning business through likability, not exclusivity.  Show others you are fun and professional.  

What time can I get there? We’ll open the doors and check people in at 11:45.  We’ll start promptly at noon. You won’t be allowed in after 12:15p.

Why are you doing this? Sick Puppies Comedy is trying to partner up with local businesses to help them be better sales people, managers and public speakers.  We train professionals using improv skills to make them better a business.  Additionally, we’d just love to have you come see a show or take some classes too.